Gaming in december

Xfire-GamerDNA Data

Having more information about my gaming habits than usual I thought it maybe worth talking a peek at the figures and try and create something meaningful.

So I dug back through the posts that GamerDNA creates based on my XFire account information. Handling this information is something that GamerDNA manages very well, without it I’d  have no way of tracking this data.

As you can see I’m now the proud owner of a rather swanky looking graph (that took me far too long to generate with the Google Chart API). I am hoping to automate the process for future versions, allowing me to track this over the next year.

On closer inspection of my graph you will notice that 2 games appear very briefly Medal of Honor: Airbourne and Battle for middle earth 2.

I have to admit that neither game delivered much for me to sink my teeth into. I was unable to retain interest once the main story/campaign mode was finished.

An important note to self : I must remember to turn on XFire before I start gaming. I shall try and generate a graph over the upcoming months based on the same information source.