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Well as this appears to be the hot topic of recent months I thought it would be nice to have a look at the existing cost of micro-transactions in the MMOs market at the moment. Plus I get to create a funky table while to do it. As this is only looking at RMTs bonus packs aren’t going to be included.

I’ve decide to split this into two blog posts rather than letting my fingers run wild into essay territory.

So after a little digging around I’ve got my hands on some cost of current RMTs, I tried to get information on other games but companies like SOE don’t tend to let you see anything unless you are subscribed so SWG didn’t make the list.

The info:
[iframe http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pd4FMvVWA1zVPaKeUDQK6Eg&output=html&gid=0&single=true&range=A1:E6 505 250]

Server Transfers
Server Transfers

Server Transfers

As you can see the price of a server transfer varies quite wildly with each game. Alot of people, myself included think the price of these are too high, but as many have pointed out an inflated price will stop player continually jumping characters between servers. CoXs lower price is explained by the fact that you can only transfer a character once.

The EQ2 prices are odd as they can cover a vast number of different type of transfer and don’t compare equally to the other games I’ve listed


Character Rename

An industry wide price seems to be around the £6 mark out of the games covered in my list.

Handy for those gamers now player a character that was previously a mule called “Pack Mule” or some other awful funny at the time name.

Extra Slots
Extra Slots

Extra Character Slots

Who doesn’t like extra room for more characters? Sofar I have purchased an additional 10 slots on City of Heroes/Villains and for each year veteran reward you are granted a free one.

I like the multi-purchase bonus and wish that Guild Wars had a similar system as £5.99 for one more slot seems a little expensive in my eyes.


Additional Items

There are a number of other options available in each game, all are very different but I thought I should highlight them for this topic.

I have to admit that some of the price options shocked me a little, the LoTRO transfer price I was aware of and declined to fork out the money recently. The newly released Re-Customisation in Warcraft was a little shocking after playing a game that allows you to alter a Characters costume anytime, providing you have the funds.

So thats all for this post but next post on this topic will be Value for Money.

Images from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/GNOME_Desktop_icons

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