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Rest XP

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I have the feeling that NCSoft missed a rather decent promotion opportunity with the recent Issue 13 release. As you maybe aware the day-job system is now live and although this is  a great feature in itself the underlying benefit seemed to be overlooked doesn’t appear to have been promoted to the fullest extent or maybe not at all.

You see the “Patrol XP” that is gained while your not online ( effectively at your day job) is a feature that will be familiar to players of other mmo games, it’s more commonly known as “Rest XP“.  This free incentive to play gives a character 150% XP for defeating foes and mission completions. But this has been integrated into the game and taken a step further.

We’ve all had the experience of logging into to complete a few quests only to end up face-planting at the first hurdle, it’s annoying and disheartening and will frequently lead to an instant log-off from that character or the game. Debt is not the friend of rarely played characters.


Here is where the system has been carefully integrated into the game so that any debt you would earn is subtracted from your patrol XP. Fantastic news eh? but wait there is another lovely feature that I feel is quite sweet and that is while you are off-line any debt your character has accrued is paid off directly as patrol debt is gained.

I wasn’t too aware of the patrol XP during the testing of I13, but in hindsight this system is one that has been well thought about, sadly I was rather shocked that this one feature wasn’t given a more promiment place in the release notes and news items from NCSoft about Issue 13.


  1. I was also a bit surprised to see that they had not given this part more space than they did; since this part is the one thing that players from other games may recognise; it also is something that has an immediately notieable effect, while the day jobs bonuses may not be that apparent always and take some more time.

    January 12, 2009
  2. welshtroll

    Yea considering that architect was supposed to be in issue 13 I found it strange so little of the remaining item were covered, the new enhancement IO sets alone are worth a mention.

    January 12, 2009

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