Post DXP

I thought I’d write a follow up post on my Double XP weekend adventures, a little tardy I’ll admit but better late and never.

As I hinted I before the weekend may plan was to focus on some existing characters and to roll at least 1 new character to benefits from the faster levelling.

  • Little Miss Violent – Sadly I didn’t find much time to focus on my corruptor over DXP, I think i managed to get nearly 2 levels which is better than nothing.
  • Tormented Doll – Rachy and I played our healing level-pact duo for quite some time over the weekend and managed to get to level 32, which was rather nice, considering that we were not playing at the same time on occasion.
  • Eyemaster – I didn’t manage to play my Solider of Arachnos at all, not to worry there is always next time.
  • Death Throes – A new Dark/Willpower brute that I managed to get to roll and level to a wonderful 18. I’m hoping to use this character as a tank in the later levels and he is really quite fun to play.
  • New Characters – I rolled two other new characters a dominator and a corruptor both managed to get to about level 5.
  • A few of our Hero group teamed up on Sunday and we completed a taskforce which was rather cool.

Quite a busy weekend but I didn’t feel too rushed got some tricky level ranges out of the way and make some wonderful progress on a new very enjoyable character. How was your DXP?