A weekly update

Yes I remember that I do own a blog that needs feeding once in a while. I blame the rather awesome Dawn of War 2 for my sudden loss of all normality. More info to come on that.

I thought I would start to report on my gaming habits and activities, not a massively interesting subject for readers yet I would like to catalogue record my adventures in gaming.

So to get started here’s a breakdown of what I’ve been playing in the last 2 weeks.

Left4Dead – I posted before on how we got L4D on the 14th, we have jumped into a few games since and the Versus mode is certainly one that me and Rach are enjoying.

Dawn Of War 2 – I have been playing the single player campaign mode of the game and I am truly impressed. The persistent nature of the

City Of Heroes – Our wednesday group obtained level 35 and we planned to try out the Impervious Taskforce. After a nasty start we decided to use some higher level characters to help move us along. The ITF is rather cool and is completable in quite a short about of time. For our second week of gaming we headed into the Rikti War Zone and completed the story arcs that were offered to us.