Varied past-times

A big thank you to Dok, for the 360 bought for Rach and I as a wedding present, very unexpected and I have to admit I have been avoiding purchasing one before now, mostly due to the expected impact on our time. But honestly who am I kidding, it’s all very cool. The SEGA MegaDrive collection is wonderful and we soon got stuck in playing Golden Axe, Streets of rage, Sonic and Altered Beast.

We joined in with the Console club on Tuesday for many laughs and crashes on Burnout : Paradise. I’ve played a few hours on Halo 3 and Gears of War 2, but I struggle with the first person perspective on the controller and long for a mouse and keyboard.

I’m sure I will struggle over games that are released on both the XBox and PC.
My lines can be clearly drawn for some genres but blurred for others, for example Racing and Beat ’em ups are always more fun on consoles, but as a said I do prefer PCs for FPS’s.

Which games do prefer on the PC and which on the console?