Hitting the Slots

cohThe City of Heroes purchasable add-ons appears to be doing well, a third Super Booster pack has been recently released and additional Architect slots are available to buy, for those Level designers among us.

Ask anyone that has played CoX and you’ll tend to get the same story, one of the most enjoyable parts of the game is tweaking and fiddling with your character at the tailors, or even just using the character creation screens. With Paragon studios embracing the use of RMTs in other areas, wouldn’t they want to add another potential revenue source by allowing player to purchase more costume slots? I certainly hope so.

The problem is that with each new release and booster pack, players get a stack of new costume parts, yet we are still limited to a maximum of five slots per character. I can buy (and have) new character slots that can be added to a server with relative ease, so why would adding more costume space be a bad thing?

Ideally new slots could purchased in packs like the Architect and character slot add-ons and each slot redeemed against a single character of your choosing, up to a maximum (10?) per character of course.

With Issue 16: Power Spectrum heading our way later this year the yearning for an increased number costume slot can only grow and hopefully us players that want a bigger wardrobe may get our wishes granted with the introduction of some form of slot increase.

Would you buy extra costume slots if they became available?

3 thoughts on “Hitting the Slots”

  1. I would definitely get more costume slots, at least for some characters.

    But I guess they might have to rethink how the different character slots are earned in-game in that case. People would get upset if they would be required to be level 40+ to buy additional slots. Other people would get upset if people could buy it at any level and thus bypassing the missions at level 20, 30 and 40.

    Although, the mission at 20 is really to earn capes and 30 to earn auras, so as long as they keep that restriction people might still be ok with it. But the level 40 mission would have to be adjusted in some way.

  2. I don’t really use all the slots I already have. The original costume I put together in slot one is very much ‘me’ in the game and it just doesn’t feel right to be suddenly looking completely different. No problem with the overall concept and thoroughly approve it exists; I just wouldn’t bother buying any myself.

  3. Cheers for the comments guys.

    I wouldn’t want people to feel other players buying slots isn’t a shortcut, all the villain costume slot missions are kill X enemies and the cape/aura have their own arc so people would still have to do them.

    I can understand your point Tim, I did keep my original toons’ first costume the same for a very, very long time, but I’m weak and run out of willpower and ended up changing it to some bizarre combo no doubt.

    I think Role-players could get alot out of more slots for those ‘always’ wanted options. I’d be in favour of more for my main characters, the ones I spent the most time on, an have the most unlocked costume parts.

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