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Month: August 2009


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Just when you think a good day that got massively better wasn’t likely to improve again, something rather cool happens like this. Those that attended the City of MiniCon at Omega Sektor last year have had their surnames added to the NPC name generator for Rikti War Zone and Shadow Shard.

Ok so it may not be a huge thing to everyone, but us EU gamers frequently feel left out of various game bonuses that are offered at the State-side based conventions. So a big thank you Melissa “War Witch” Bianco (who can also be found in those zones too)  for adding these.

After flying around for a little while I stumbled across the NPCs named after Rachy and I, also I spotted a couple of other names that sounded familiar.

Now I’m in a game, am I like immortal now or something?

Champions Online : An open beta review

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champions_logoYou may know that I’m a player and fan of the City of Heroes/Villains franchise, yet I’ve always said if given the opportunity I’d try Champions online out.

One of the annoying elements about Planetside was that it had no rivals, the game didn’t have to fight  it was the only one of it’s kind, it stagnated due to this and the players suffered. The idea of more SuperHero themed MMOs in the world is a very appealing one to me as it encourages enhancement development of each game and of the whole genre.

I grabbed an open beta key from Fileplanet, who appear to be the hottest place for open betas at the moment, yet they have the slowest download queues in the world. Grrr.

Happily I set my download off before bed and it was ready when I woke up on Saturday, My chance had arrived and here are my thoughts on the game.

# This post may contain spoilers, cease reading you are avoiding them #
# Please remember this is Open beta and the game could change before launch #

Super troopers

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PSScreenShot0249We are a few days away from the final Planetside server merge, but as Dok pointed out why would you run a ‘welcome back’ month where most of the free time occurs before the planned event happens? A rather unusual set-up I think you’ll agree.

I’ll be happy to play my (once were) Max level characters again, I really doubt that I’ll re-activate my account once the trail is over. It’s rather sad to see this once proud game reduced down to one solitary server, containing the remnants of the whole player-base.

Through-out the last few years it was made very clear that the EU and US servers weren’t scheduled to be merged. There aren’t many reasons to perform such a feat. unless you are looking to reduce the overheads of the game. The EU server Werner has barely seen any users since the US servers merged and this latest move just looks to delay the eventual closure of Planetside, a move that after Matrix online SOE is willing to make if needed.

It pains me to say that the game is littered with hackers that blatantly exploit the client-side coding without fear of punishment from the company. Excluding the older-school FPS games that drew cheaters in droves, MMOs are normally free from exploits, of course this is the exception to the rule.

The game still continues to be advertised on the SOE site and receives subscriptions from honest and cheating players alike. Frankly I’m disappointed that Sony Online Entertainment do nothing to stop cheaters from ruining one of the most unique games of the MMO genre, not to mention that they still back a product that is known to have exploits.

At the end of the day SOE don’t appear to care who is paying them and cheaters money is as good as an honest players, sadly at some-point the only ones left playing the game will be the cheats.

The world is just illusion

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492545_multiple_choiceDuring our recent outing to London I was having a conversation with Mr Van Hemlock about element of games I find interesting. During this conversation it became very apparent that I favour games that offer me the chance to throw a little individuality to my gameplay. Shocking as it may seem I have never really been able to identify the forces that drive me in my gaming choices, especially those that drive my MMO habits.

In the three MMOs that I consider my favourite the ability to choose or customise skills in ways to suit my gameplay or mood is highly flexible and configurable.

  • Planetside – The power to pick up and drop skills in any order brings unique benefits to your team play. Specializing in  heavy assault or proving much needed support at the correct time.
  • City of Heroes/Villains – The power selection may appear limited but you can choice
  • Guild Wars – Limited to 8 skills at one time but with a bank of hundreds to choose from. GW certainly makes you question how you approach each challenge the game offers.

On the other hand, although I found it wonderfully detailed and immersive playing Lord of the Rings online, yet the skills offered to my character (providing you have the currency) made them the same as any other player of that class in the game.

Yes there are unique features that set you apart from the crowd, such as weapons, armour and traits, but these always seemed more like small modifiers to the wider picture. I admit that I’ve never made it to level 30 in the game and maybe it all changes in the end game I guess I’ll never know.

I feel rather silly that it’s taking so long to discover this rather simple fact is the one element I appear to yearn in MMOs, but now I can hopefully bring those elements to the forefront of my gaming experiences.

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