Issue 16 lands

Before a start on the main topic there is a small point that I would like to cover regarding the City of Heroes/Villains major game updates or as those familiar would know them ‘Issues’. When the last issue was delivered there were many people thought Issue 15 was rather limited in the amount of content that was delivered, it is true that the amount given in the Anniversary update was small in comparison to other updates.

Of course there are many reasons for this, I would imagine the primary ones being Issue 14 (Architect) which wasn’t a small update by anyones standards. Now outside of bug and quality of life improvements the additional content that is delivered.

If you took all of the free updates to the game in the last 2 years alone, you soon see that the volume of content is on-par with what some other games would refer to as Expansions.

I really don’t have any problem with no free updates as long as any bug fixes are the primary focus but apparently some-people believe that free content is owned to them just for subscribing.

I appear to have digressed a little from the topic in the title, so onto Issue 16.

Issue 16 is a great update to the City of Heroes game here is a quick run down of the main areas that have been updated:

  • Power Proliferation (including 1 new set)
  • Power Customization (Colourisation)
  • Pets will finally zone with masters
  • Enhanced Difficulty Options
  • Super sidekicking

Now the first 2 options appeared the most interesting to me, but then the Super sidekicking was announced and I can’t decide which feature is most exciting. I think that being able to team with anyone at any level is going to open up alot of options for players. Not longer will you have to deal with friends leveling away from you and being too far ahead to group with.

The bulk of the Issue is around the powersets but there are some smaller changes that are equally as cool, such as:

  • Additional Tool tips and a re-organisation of the options panes
  • Character selection at logon displays the last costume they were wearing
  • Brawl no longer has an endurance cost
  • A settings to only allow email from those on your friends list and those in your SG

There are notes over at paragon wiki for easy reading and quick reference.

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