PC Upgrade

We’ll I’ve finally got my new hard drives installed with a fresh version of XP too.

My old SATA discs were a little old and both had snapped the plastic support for the data cable off. This meant they were a little flaky at times and the one drive hadn’t work for the last 3 months.

I planned on cloning the OS and migrating the whole lot over to the new discs this would have been fine, only due too my partitions things weren’t going to be so easy.

Happily I have discovered that there are 2 great benefits to how I game.

MMOs – all my mmo games that I moved over worked off the bat, which is rather good considering their size and the potential downloading that could have been required to re-install them. (LoTRo was a game that didn’t like this last upgrade but It wasn’t installed this time around)

Steam – Horrah for Steam, well nearly. You see my steam installation wasn’t exactly the same as the one described in the Steam Knowledge base. They assumed my steamapps folder was under the main steam folder (steam\steamapps) when in fact it was located at steam\config\steamapps.
This resulted in a bit of a headache because moving the apps folder to that new location resulted in Steam not loading up. But after some trial and error I found that I needed to boot Steam up without the apps folder and it would be created, then keep the files that it generated as they held the correct path. A little awkward but worth it as downloading 43GB of game data wasn’t as appealing as you’d think.

So I’ve now got my shiny Christmas presents installed and a massive 500gb Free 🙂

2 thoughts on “PC Upgrade”

  1. Just to clarify – you just erased steam but saved the /steamapps folder and reinstalled steam again in the same drive partition as your old /steamapps folder?

    1. i was moving hard drives and saved the steamapp folder off, only when i re-installed steam the steamapp folder was at a different location within the file structure

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