I’ve spent the best part of the last 3 weeks jumping various games my allotted time being partially arranged around the baby/visitors/work & sleep. It’s been rather sporadic to say the least.

My excitement for Modern Warfare 2 has started to wain a little, it’s cause hasn’t been helped by the large percentage of blatant hackers in the game that can’t be reported in any shape or form.

But enough with the old and in with the new, well newish, ok, ok, once were new.
My current play list looks something like this:

  • Everquest 2 (14 day trial) — frustratingly XFire isn’t recognising EQ2 so no time is being marked against it. I’m not sure I could face another standard MMO at the moment but the characters are very detailed and i’ve found the none way-pointed missions  lead to more exploration.
  • Wizard 101 — Rach and I have been trying out some less resource intensive games that allow us to pick up and play when we get a spare minute. I’m finding the game is scarcely entertaining
  • Spellborn — I’ve taken to playing a little Spellborn when I fancy a change of pace. The game delivers something different each time I play.
  • Warhammer Online — I’m playing the free Tier one stuff but with multiple builds, mostly to get a  feel for how the classes are designed and how they work with the other player classes.
  • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (On the XBob) — I’ve been having some great fun with this title certainly one to try if you’re a Marvel fan.

Still to come:

  • Mass Effect — Everyone is Raving about Mass Effect 2 so I’ve decide to try and get the original game completed first, the only problem is I have to re-install it since my HDD swap.
  • Myst online – Hopefully I’ll get back into trying this now free title once more.
  • Chaos Rising Dawn of War 2 — looking forward to this expansion when it arrives.

Throw all that into the mix with everything and I find myself struggling to get a blog post writing in a week.

But it’s all good fun