Choice? I can’t decide

Remember when it was easy to decide which MMO you were going to play? Of course it was the one you had a subscription for, interrupted by the occasional single player game that needed your immediate attention.

Now I look at my desktop and find that I could start a Tetris game with the number of square colourful icons that exist in the MMO section. I with the introduction of EQ2X and LoTRo that are bursting their way into the market I really do feel spoilt for choice and slightly overwhelmed.

My desktop currently offers me the following:

  • F2P MMOs
    • EverQuest II Extended
    • DDO Unlimited
    • Runes of Magic
    • Allods Online
    • Wizard101
    • Free Realms
    • Myst Online – Uru Live
    • The Chronicles of Spellborn (Which has gone now)
  • MMO Trials
    • Star Trek Online – Free Trial
    • Champions Online – Free Trial
    • Warhammer Online
  • Active MMOs
    • City of Heroes
    • All Points Bulletin
    • Eve Online
  • Inactive MMOs
    • Fallen Earth
    • LoTRo
    • Guild Wars

I play a little of this and that when possible and I’m in the right frame of mind. AS you maybe able to tell Eve is currently holding my attention for now, but I’d like to ask, How do you decide what game to load next?

3 thoughts on “Choice? I can’t decide”

  1. Well I choose by either just going with what I fancy playing at that particular moment. Or the choice will have been made at prior time as I will be attending a regular meet on a specific day in a particular game.
    Having said that on the days I am not meeting for regular play sessions I have bloody hard time of it deciding what to play. I have an xbox too so my options are even more wide open than they were a year ago when I just had my PC.
    Having more fun stuff at hand than you know what to do with is a good thing in the end though I guess.

  2. I know what you mean, and on top of all the MMOs I’ve got a Steam library full of stuff I picked up cheap but haven’t really got around to, or got halfway through and keep meaning to complete. Sometimes I’m in a particular frame of mind for fast shooty PvP, or a bit of a relatively mindless grind while listening to a podcast or something, and pick a game accordingly, otherwise I tend to default to the newest shiny thing. And if that fails then it’s close the eyes and randomly double click something on the desktop, though that did mean I spent a couple of hours last night on Recycle Bin Online…

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    I think i need to remove the shortcut to anything i’ve not look at in a month really, that way i can slowly reclaim some desktop space and hopefully cut down on choice 🙂

    The static groups are fun, but i’m not really able to keep to a schedule at the moment, or perhaps don’t want to be locked into one.

    P.S. Is Recycle Bin online Free-2-Play?

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