Go Go Gadget Remote Update

I made a few site updates yesterday mostly focused on adding Links to
other bloggers that I have being reading but have forgotten to add
here I also thought a small rejig of links categories wouldn’t go

I’m also trying to decide what to do with my gaming data that I’ve
been collating for some time now, I use them to driven the Pie Chart
on the right column, but they also drive the graphs at
I am pretty sure there are other uses for this data I just need to
find out what they are.

I’ve also replaced the icon & links for GamerDNA with that of Raptr
I’m still a little unsure on what the Raptr tool can bring to my
gaming experience, I but I have to admit the in-game Browser is
certainly an improvement over the XFire version that feels and looks
so out-dated.

For now I’ll continue to run XFire as it offers a far better way to
interact and access the data. I just hope that the new XFire owners
don’t mess about with it too much and/or Raptr can supply me with
Minute by Minute gameplay information so I can just use one client.

I should mention that this is my first post via email, I’m hoping it
will allow me to be a little less concerned about the length and depth
of my posts and allow more frequency.