Quicker Burn out

As is all the rage, a large portion of beta testing is used to demo
the game to potential players, load test and hype a games profile. It
feels like less time is used in capturing feedback & bug reports and
more time deciding how to market the pre-launch, early starter weekend
and unique perks for buying early.

I can understand the logical behind this as getting your game noticed
is the primary concern, but taking into consideration my recent
experiences with Beta testing I’m truly questioning the value of “my”
participation in testing of this manner.

I suppose it depends on the format of the game but if you’ve played
through areas 5/10/25 times (the same quests and the same 10 rats),
how many times do you want to face it once the game is live?

I guess my final question is “Does beta play lead to premature burnout?“