Tanks for nothing

This year I got the majority of my multiplayer fixes from Battlefield:BadCompany2, but now we have World of Tanks.

This rather nicely polished game uses a cash shop, monthly bonus membership model, which means the game itself is free to download and start playing. Which is a bonus for a attracting gamers and the download isn’t too large either.

The game consists of 15v15 arena matches, the maps are varied enough and well laid out that each match is different, combined with each team fielding a variety of ordinance leavens the mundanity that can be frequently encountered with many online shooter titles.
This is almost helped by the way the matches are created, each round sees you teamed randomly with other players which works wonders for avoiding rage-quits after being repeatedly kill by the same player.
Due to the unique match setup once you have been destroyed you can leave the match hop in another tank and start another, without forfeiting any rewards from the match still on going.

The enjoyment/frustration of the game is of course the leveling up of your tanks, this persistent element means you can slowly earn xp and cash toward their next upgrade.
The tech trees in the game allow you to unlock smaller improvements before needing a little more to reach the next vehicle unlock in the branch you’re training in.

Playability 4 | Graphics 3 | Audio 2 | Longevity 3 | Originality 4
Total 16 out of 25