Have you ever play a tower defence game, only to become frustrated when one enemy defies all odd and survives everything you throw at them?
Yes of course you have, wouldn’t it be nice to help out rather than feeling like an omnipotent ruler up on high who can’t stop a single lone enemy?
Well you can!

Sanctum is a Tower Defence game blended with elements of a FPS, set in the futuristic landscape of Elysion One, your goal is to defend a (power) core from hordes of aliens.
You achieve this by controlling the path of the enemies and building towers to inflict as much damage as possible on said enemies.

It follows a standard defence game format:

  • Setup time (build)
  • one wave of enemies(fight!)
  • Repeat

The first person perspective allows you to blast away alongside your turrets, tackle those troublesome enemies before they become a bigger problem.
This certainly gives the game a fun and different slate on the defence genre, but sometimes the maps are awkward to traverse, this is overcome by instant teleporters.

The Unreal engine works nicely and the soundtrack is well designed to match the games tempo.

I’ve not really had much chance to try out the co-op/multiplayer mode so this write-up is purely from a single player perspective.

Playability 3 | Graphics 3 | Audio 3 | Longevity 2 | Originality 4
Total 15 out of 25

The orignal game isn’t huge and you can burn through it rather fast, there are some alternative game modes that extend this briefly but the core gameplay won’t take more than 5 to 10 hours depending on the
However the game has some DLC including a few new maps available for purchase, however I believe that a newly released gold version of the game includes this DLC.


What with the announcements of new Kindles galore, I suddenly realised that I have never really mentioned my Kindle on here. It arrived as an unexpected birthday present, secretly plotted by my wife, a gift that one that I now consider one of the most useful and entertaining ever.

I take it most places and generally fit in some reading each day, whether it is on the bus journey to work or during
my lunch break.

I have to admit I was nervous of adopting the Kindle in favour of paper-based products, but I really do enjoy the flexibility it offers.
Whatever my mood I can find a book to suit and it’s certainly easier than carting a number of books around in your bag.

I think that samples functionality is great, allowing you to browse the Amazon site for books & send samples of those that interest you to your Kindle.
Samples allow you to expand your reading landscape without having to spend anything, they are a great way to find new authors, genres or forgotten favourites.

Owning a Kindle causes a number of odd things to happen:

  1. Random people will just start talking to you about books, not
    always a bad thing.
  2. People who are interest in Kindles expect you to try and sell the product too them, very odd lines of questioning.
  3. Other Kindle owners seem to only read free books, you feel like the only one purchasing books.
  4. I read things that I’ve not bothered to pick-up before now
  5. Visiting WH Smiths & Waterstones become an exercise of picking out title you may like for later.
  6. People expect it to be a touch screen and I laugh.

Many people still seem uncertain about buying Kindle, they seem to see it as a question of Kindle or new [Insert Pad Device Here], with the new Kindle (without keyboard) is bringing the device closer to peoples price range, I hope to see more family and friends with one.

In my experience it?s changed my reading habits for the better, even if it?s a little pricier due to the VAT being charged for online books (except when you notice how they compare to hardback prices on new


Well it is finally here, City of Heroes Freedom was unleashed on the world yesterday.

I’m paying, I should play
I have to admit that Free to Play games are a mystery to me, I believe that much of this is due to my indifference towards those games before they go ftp,in these instances the lack of a monthly fee guilt tripping me into logging on means I don’t really bother. Which speaks volumes about my overall feeling towards the game.

That said we’ve opted for VIP accounts to ensure that we play, and get shiny goodies.

Maybe we’ll see you in game sometime, my global is welshtroll should you want to look me up.

Atomic City Adventures

I recently picked up Atomic City Adventures : Case of the Black Dragon and have enjoyed it immensely. The game is the work of Dusty Monk, a former Ensemble devloper who created Windstorm Studios to develop his ideas for a game.

I tweeted that the game reminded me of G-Police and as I played through the remainder of the title I feel that my original observations weren’t far off the mark but an added mixture of Vehicle and Ground combat the game has alot to offer.
The level designs are well thought out and embrace the “Retro-Futuristic” world that has been crafted, giving the game a wonderful original yet familar feel to it, the future world of tomorrow.

Telling a story

The backbone to a good game is the plot, ACA certainly drives a feeling of needing to know more, to find out what occurs next. The story is easily understood while remaining engaging and interesting. Many titles that I would consider in the same market area as ACA lack any real depth or story, meaning picking out titles that engage us gamers is a tough task., often with games sacrificing a decent plot for some extra fluff, achievements or graphics.

The game is further enhanced by the music score, good at marrying the musical tempo with the task at hand. The music is fresh and perfect for the games setting.


I hope that we see more titles in this series, or perhaps a bigger game with expansions.

Playability 3 | Graphics 2 | Audio 3 | Longevity 2 | Originality 5
Total 15 out of 25

So, if you are looking for a game to entertain and engage you, while you wait out the time between raids or your skills training, then you could do alot worse than picking up this title.