Well it is finally here, City of Heroes Freedom was unleashed on the world yesterday.

I’m paying, I should play
I have to admit that Free to Play games are a mystery to me, I believe that much of this is due to my indifference towards those games before they go ftp,in these instances the lack of a monthly fee guilt tripping me into logging on means I don’t really bother. Which speaks volumes about my overall feeling towards the game.

That said we’ve opted for VIP accounts to ensure that we play, and get shiny goodies.

Maybe we’ll see you in game sometime, my global is welshtroll should you want to look me up.

5 thoughts on “FREEM-ium”

  1. Hanging around in the game as well, although been sucked into paying for a long time now and not stopping with that.

    Global handle is Sente, of course 😉

  2. I’m back for a while too. Going to try a Vanhemlock style Operation Cheapseats for now though and see how enjoyable it is without having to spend any money. As is customary when returning to City of… I’ve rolled a new character as it is THE LAW! (and the reason my highest character is still only in the mid 20’s)

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