Have you ever play a tower defence game, only to become frustrated when one enemy defies all odd and survives everything you throw at them?
Yes of course you have, wouldn’t it be nice to help out rather than feeling like an omnipotent ruler up on high who can’t stop a single lone enemy?
Well you can!

Sanctum is a Tower Defence game blended with elements of a FPS, set in the futuristic landscape of Elysion One, your goal is to defend a (power) core from hordes of aliens.
You achieve this by controlling the path of the enemies and building towers to inflict as much damage as possible on said enemies.

It follows a standard defence game format:

  • Setup time (build)
  • one wave of enemies(fight!)
  • Repeat

The first person perspective allows you to blast away alongside your turrets, tackle those troublesome enemies before they become a bigger problem.
This certainly gives the game a fun and different slate on the defence genre, but sometimes the maps are awkward to traverse, this is overcome by instant teleporters.

The Unreal engine works nicely and the soundtrack is well designed to match the games tempo.

I’ve not really had much chance to try out the co-op/multiplayer mode so this write-up is purely from a single player perspective.

Playability 3 | Graphics 3 | Audio 3 | Longevity 2 | Originality 4
Total 15 out of 25

The orignal game isn’t huge and you can burn through it rather fast, there are some alternative game modes that extend this briefly but the core gameplay won’t take more than 5 to 10 hours depending on the
However the game has some DLC including a few new maps available for purchase, however I believe that a newly released gold version of the game includes this DLC.