Blu-ray riddle

While adding items to wish-lists on Amazon for Christmas it became very apparent that many of the Triple-Play/DVD-Bluray options for more recent releases are only £4 more than the DVD only option.

Is it wrong to add Triple play versions to my wishlist despite not owning a Blu-ray player and with no clear plans to get one in the immediate future?

As it appears that Blu-ray only options are be coming scarce, it seems like an extra £4 is the cheapest option to future-proof a film collection.

Anyone else had this same dilemma?

2 thoughts on “Blu-ray riddle”

  1. It doesn’t really matter as I’m sure we’ll all be using holographic projection crystals or something in the next 10 years or so and my thousands of pounds worth of DVD’s and Blu-Ray discs will only be good for scaring birds and making novelty space-earrings!

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