On returning to City of Heroes one of the in-game systems I took for granted in the past was the inspirations. You can activate them as fast as you are able, so with a little preparation you can enter each battle with a balanced load out to help you out if things turn ugly.

Of course this isn’t anything new to the genre, potions and medkits have been stable component of our games for many years, However I’ve always been frustrated by cool-down systems that games use to limit the speed of consumption of these items,excluding PVP balancing I struggled to find a clear reason for this implementing this in PvE, other than slowing me down.

Using a health potion every 3 minutes isn’t ideal, for me it will often result in death. Mainly due to my fondness for soloing but I also like to face obstacles that offer me a challenge. I don’t want to be limited to. Grey mobs just because I play a supporting class.

I know may will argue that “it’s a multi-player game for a reason, find a healer”.
Of course finding a healer that wants to spend an evening playing whack-a-mole is never that simple and I want the ability to play a character that is able to solo between grouping.

So I use up twice as many health potions, but my enjoyment of the game increases too.
Anyone else with a similar opinion or am I just being awkward?

One thought on “Consumables”

  1. I don’t think you are being awkward at all, I think the MMO design is being awkward! I used to think I was a big MMORPG fan, but recently, when I really think about it, I realise I’m not. I like the massive story arc, the questing, the powers, the vast worlds and all that, but I DETEST being forced to play with other people. What’s so special about people anyway?! Most of them are idiots as far as I can tell. No, I’d be quite happy to be allowed to pop a health potion in LotRO whenever I fancy it, (something that their newly solo-friendly Shadows of Angmar reworking has completely overlooked, making it not so solo-friendly after all).

    Maybe I’d be better off with a solo RPG, but all the ones I’ve tried so far, with the possible exception of Fable II, have left me cold.

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