Since it’s the MMO birthday period I wasn’t surprised to see two of the games I have been keeping an eye on are gearing up for release, these are Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World. I had the option to pre-order one of these titles this month and it took a bit of humming and ahhing before I came to my final decision.

Like many players I was over the moon about the news that Guild War 2 was a going to be a reality, I signed up to follow the updates and read up on the lore, backstory, enjoyed the Eye of the North content, that encouraging players to earn content for their Hall of Monuments.

I think my enthusiasm started to wane when they linked the Hall of Monuments to the GW2 reward calculator. Sadly I never got back that drive to for the game, which is a shame as many sources indicate that GW2 is a great experience. For now it will go into the “Pick it up later” pile.

So my money was given to FunCom for their new MMO The Secret World which is scheduled for launch on the 19th June. One of the biggest selling points for me was that it’s not a fantasy themed game and at this juncture in my gaming experience I seem to be shying away from that genre. I’ve been playing SW:ToR (post to follow) which has really handled the gun-play in a great way.

A nice move has been that if you pre-order TSW, play the beta weekend and then think you really wanted one of the pre-order “booster packs”, you can just upgrade your account with those packs rather that feeling that you missed out.

So aside from Pre-ordering TSW I have been also playing FunComs facebook driven Flash game called The Secret War, this allows players to earn small game unlocks such as clothing, xp boosters and other trinkets. Nothing game changing but certainly nice to show-offs at launch with the other people running around with the same items.