Secret no more

In preparation for the Secret World launch and Beta events a few weeks back I started planning running a group where players could meet and team up without the being confined to one Society.

The game allows mixed faction grouping so why can you be part of a group who wants players from all societies to interact, discuss tactics, arrange events and generally have a good time. It frustrated me that I can’t plan to play with friends who are in other societies and cabals. I didn’t what to set up a whole guild/clan required players to dedicate time under a banner of my making, more that I wanted to offer players a way to coordinate with virtual friends who maybe haven’t followed the same society.

So I present to you The BlastShield Consortium, a non-traditional group to bring gamers together for PvE adventures.

So if you are without a clan/guild/cabal for the upcoming beta events or are just looking for somewhere different to coordinate your game play why not give us a visit?