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Hello dear readers,
This post will be my usual mid-year post explaining what’s happening and why I haven’t  posted in ages, but I’ll throw in some other news as well so keep reading.

I spent a lovely week away with my family towards the end of May, it was very refreshing and a must needed break.

Annoyingly since returning home my work has been rather draining, as I take on more responsibilities, this wasn’t helped by losing my mobile. I was surprised how much not having the device would impact my day to day activities such as checking email.

Naturally I’ve directed a number of hours in to playing Tribes:Ascend, World of Tanks, Marvel:Avengers Alliance and Secret World when possible.

Speaking of Secret World I’ve been busy working on a community website for a group/clan/guild/cabal purely for The Secret World. After looking into how the game is designed it struck me as limiting that a Cabal can only be aligned to one Society. Yes the cannon dictates that each society is at war with the other two, but the game mechanics contradict this and allow member from all societies to team together.

It’s called the BlastShield Consortium and we are aiming to act as a central location to help facilitate the grouping of like-minded players who wish to play regardless of Society.

You can access it  by clicking on the image below or browse to the URL http://blastshield.co.uk/

BlastShield Consortium


2 thoughts on “A secrets secret”

  1. I find the faction limitation for a cabal a bit annoying as well. Yes, in a way understandable from the background story. But the three factions are also referred to as The Big Three – pointing to that there are really numerous other factions which are not strictly one of these three – they are even referred to as cabals at some point, if I recall correctly.

    Of course, part of the problem here is perhaps that even though they have a number of interesting game mechanics, they are still stuck with the “one organisation per character” design for some reason.

    I thiink it would have been perfectly valid to have both single faction and multiple faction organisations in the game, each type could be given different kinds of benefits.

  2. Yea the limitation is annoying and feels like a hindrance for those that aren’t bothered about the PVP side of things.

    Thankfully the game has chat channels like those used in City Of Heroes so coordinating, teaming and just social interaction should be pretty straight forward even between factions.

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