Planetside now and soon

It looks like many of my clan are back playing Planetside in preparation for the Planetside 2 playtests and beta events, also helped by SOE giving old players a free month of playtime.

It’s nice to be pop into Planetside again and many old outfit members have started to surface, making contact with us via our forums. It still remains for me the best game for team work on both a local and global scale. I’ve invested more time over the years than is health to admit. Despite the game is being heavily populated at the moment, my drive to properly pick up the game isn’t that strong.

It still confuses me that the existing game is a monthly sub game (one of SOEs last) while Planetside 2 will be a free to play game. Almost seems a little pointless to invest at this time. Plus I’m currently sticking to one sub at a time and I , like many other, don’t have the time to commit nowadays.

Anyone else in the same boat over Planetside and debating about going back at this late stage?