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As the gamer community fully digests the News that SW:TOR is going free to play, I thought back to my recent excursion into the game. Due to a number of factors the game really didn’t click with me and I drifted away before completing my free 30 days included in the box. It was kind of sad as I had hoped to get more time out of it, but I struggled to get into a comfortable groove with the game, we just didn’t click.

Given the recent announcements and staff lay-offs, such a move was suspected by many as being on the cards, of course this does nothing to abate concerns of current players who have remained dedicated through the recent turmoil. We shall see how the future pans out for this business model and hope it’s not too harsh on existing and new players alike. Good luck to you all.

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I recently caught up on my RSS feeds and spotted this post over at One Shard, and have to say that I am in agreement. I find that nearly every Free 2 Play MMO that I have played makes me frustrated. Usually everything I need/want I can grind location/mission/enemy X until I obtain it or I can opt to purchase the item or enough cash to buy it from the Store.

I play for fun and not for it to be a grind continually, as MMO games switch to F2P models more titles are bartering for our time/effort and ultimately our hard-earned cash.

The Hybrid models seems to be a favourite and companies seeking to attract both the Veteran and New players alike. Vets gain some small perks over new F2P players, but its not normally anything too spectacular and often highlights the amount of “freedom” that is lost by switching to f2p for new players.

Sub plus cash shop

City of Heroes is a great example of a hybrid model that has a basic f2p tier, a veteran tier and a VIP subscription tier, to be fair if I was coming to the game as a new player I would struggle fair too much due to the limitations that would be imposed on me.

As a player that wants to enjoy the game and opts for a monthly subscription in a game that’s classified as F2P, I’m often disappointed that you’re expected to supplement the subscription with some cash-shop purchases as that is how the game is have been redesigned.

Perhaps I’m just being a grumpy old gamer who’s favourite past-time is hating anything new or different.
I feel that MMO games lose appeal to me when they shift to the F2P model and for some games I was already on the fence in the first place.

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