The pleasure was all mine

There has never been gaming news that has impacted this household as much as NCSofts recent announcement regarding the City of Heroes franchise and the Paragon Development team.

When Rachy and I started playing the game it was a instant hit with us both. We enjoyed everything from the costume customisations to figuring out the best build strategies. We would take part in the seasonal events, badge hunting, Giant Monster take downs, Raids, it was a big part of our gaming life.

I was trying to pick one thing that I found most enjoyable but It’s very difficult to name just one so I’ll go with community/choice/storytelling/lore, I really can’t decide.

Part of the community

In 2008 we had the pleasure of meeting up with hordes of UK players at Omega Sketor in Birmingham, this fantastic event was the hard work of RockJaw and his community team. In addition we got to meet and talk with Melissa “War Witch” Bianco. We UK based players pretty much never meet game designers from the MMOs we play and I will always remember the effort that was made to make us feel like part of the bigger CoH community.

Of course we had no idea that we would be immortalised in the game world and it’s something that I still find quite odd but strangely comforting, with War Witch to thank for this small but fantastic gesture.


We’ve met some fantastic people via the game,  I follow many on twitter, read their blogs, some even get added on Facebook (which is not a usual activity for me), there are some that we have become very close to, so much so that they are godparent to our son.

The the bonds of friendship that are forged in games like this can be as strong as those made in real life. To people looking at this it must seem rather strange and I would agree if I’d not experienced that type of friendship first-hand.

Final Farewells

I see people are planning on how to spend the last few months in the game, Samuraiko is planning on making one last video, some want to say thank you to the development team via twitter and forums, others are signing a petition to try and keep the game going, some are recording footage of the game to remember it by.

I think I shall aim to try and save as much information about my characters as possible so I can look back on all the fun that I had creating, designing and levelling them up.

I leave you a link to this forum post by Melissa “War Witch” Bianco.
EDIT: and one from Matt “Positron” Miller.