City of disappointment

“Be warned this post is about City of Heroes/Villains and maybe a little fan-boyish in places.”

I’ve spent the last few days catching up on various post around the web and decided that I would link to some of them here.

  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun – A great post detailing how it was a favourite long before RPS came into being.
  • Broken Toys – Scott has to bite his tongue a little on responding to the news but is proud to have work with Paragon Studios.
  • The Wild Boar Inn – A nicely written piece that details how the game was the stepping stone into the MMO scene, always mentions the Captain Dynamic videos.
  • Kill Ten Rats – Zubon talks about his time has been well spend in the game, after all he is the CoH guy
  • A Ding World – Sente talks about the key factors of the game not being the setting but the community and developers, his post has linked to a number of the Red name farewell posts and “removing the mask” community post with player posting real life pictures.
  • Biobreak – Syp the keep of the MMO timeline relates how the closure is the first that he really cares about, with it being their to draw him back for the fun.
  • KIASA – I saved this one until last. In the non-traditional way you need to read, watch, then read the final quote. It manages to sum up what I could never hope to write.

I’ve enjoyed reading posts by so many people saying that it was their first MMO or the one that they have the fondest memories of. The fact that many hold it in such high regard, despite not having played for many years, speaks volumes about the title.

Final link I promise, I wanted to send you to read this entry that was posted a week before the closure news, but does a great job of highlighting just how much the game managed to bring people together.

What now?

I have been pondering how I can best use the time remaining to capture elements of the game, so far my list is this:

  • Grab some friends and tackle some missions or tasks forces over the remaining time.
  • Character database – A index of all my characters powers, bios, badges etc
  • Capture some in game footage – for a farewell video and for short clips
  • I may join my wife and plan to get a tattoo of some variety CoX related.
To any one the knows my wife and I, you will be aware that unlike many CoX players we pretty much played Villains 98% of the time this is realised by the Arachnos Cape that hangs on the kitchen door and a Lord Recluse Statue in our living room. One day we’ll pack them away but not just yet.

One thought on “City of disappointment”

  1. Very nice post 🙂
    There is certainly a lot of emotions all around and it is quite something that so many speak so fondly of the game.

    I am certainly going to try to make the best of the time left in the game. Same as you, I played most of the time red-side. There is a Recluse statue at casa Sente as well 😉

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