Farewell Rogue Isles

On Saturday the 1st of December NCSoft pulled the plug on the City of Heroes franchise. But there wasn’t just one game that disappeared last weekend, it’s sister game City of Villains also took it’s final bow on the MMO stage.

In this household we always favoured the red side (villians) rather than the blue side (heroes) , I always found the story was always grittier, the choices more severe and in some cases downright evil and malicious. For me the main reason is that plenty of MMOs that allow you to play or become a Hero figure, yet there are few that let you be the Villain, plus the game allowed you to make a pretty mean looking villain.

So in a tribute to the Rogue Isles I tasked myself with making a video to capture some of the key locations of the Rogue Isles. I filmed for a good couple of weeks to get the right shots and scenes that I wanted, but had some issues with the format of the recording which only found out after recording quite a bit. I have to admit it was very tough filming with the knowledge that the game was due to close soon.

Finally it came to the hardest part, the music selection. I had a huge short-list but narrowed it down to two tracks, both that I felt captured the feelings and mood of the players impacted by the closure. I struggled to decide which to use and I happened to notice that the tracks were exactly the same length, so rather than make the choice between tracks, I have release both versions.

I hope that you find the time to watch both versions and crank up the video quality too 🙂

1) Version 1 – this is has the track “From my hands” by VNV Nation, the music and vocals are eerily beautiful and the lyrics summed up my feelings on the game going.

2) Version 2 – this is has the track “As it fades” by VNV Nation, this is an instrumental track with a synth-choral layer that makes the track almost angelic sounding.
It seems the song is blocked in Germany, sorry folks.

A big thanks to @samuraiko for her invaluable help getting the videos completed.

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    1. Thanks Sente, I did plan a more upbeat song choice for another video but failed to find time.

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