Grinding levels in RL

Currently I have that age old dilemma, can’t blog because I’m too busy. Well that’s not completely true it’s more that my free time is used up by gaming.

I rarely post about myself on this blog as it tends to focus more on games and my whole gaming experiences. However this one is mostly about me.

Almost a year ago I got a new job title, became a senior developer, since then things have got increasingly busy. Of course that was expected with the role but it’s more than just workload that has increased, there have been been many people leave the company in the last 12 months. People who took with them massive amounts of knowledge that you only get from working at a place for a long time, the ins and out of the systems, system quirks and configuration solutions.

I have been with the company 4 and a half years, yet of the original developers only 1 has been there longer than me now, infact I’d go so far as saying 75% of the development pool have only worked at the company for 12 months or less, or thy are contractors with a time limited contract.

I find that being one of few central points of knowledge is utterly exhausting and means that I haven’t the time I need to complete my own tasks.
The problem is compound by the lack of concern shown by management that I’m burning out fast being a single point of knowledge.

The reason I found time  to write this post was the need to throw this all somewhere that wasn’t my head.

I’ll be back posting about games soon enough, I just need to figure a way to add an extra 4 hours to the day, or extent my weekend 🙂