Trading cards

“And for their next trick Valve will distill the essence of gaming and monetise it.”

Whether you are a fan of Valves platform or not, it’s clear to see that the environment is ripe for cash-shop shaping. Given that it’s filed with completionists and achievement hunters it was only just a matter if time, of course I can imagine there were many discussions over what system would work best, before they settled on the Cards.

The trading card system is one that tugs on those same strings that motivated me as a 7 year old collecting football stickers, I never cared for the sport (then or now) but that didn’t matter, the grind to 100% completion drove the culture and excitement. That rippled through everyone partaking in the activity.

Of course the similarity doesn’t end there as for every trading card is a rarer foil version to be coveted by players with more money than sense. Which brings us to the social interaction part of trading cards which is simulated by the community market on Steam.

The launch of the Trading cards wasn’t widely publicised as it transitioned from Beta to live, but it was leading up to the Summer Sale. On each day of the summer sale more games have been “Cardified” with many oldish titles also being selected.

So with the sale done and Trading cards firmly embedded into the player mentality, I suspect that every new title that appears on Steam, cards will appear along side the achievements.