Haunted WordPress

Lost my ability to insert media item into WordPress posts and numerous searches along the lines of “wordpress “Add Media” pop up window is blank” retuened a mixrture of possible answers to my plight, not only that but the custom CSS function of the core Jetpack build wasn’t inserting the CSS correctly, thus nerfing my ability to tailor the page for myself.

Of course many online page suggested a number of ways to rectify the fault and after removing all plugins, reverting themes I was truly considering nuking the site from orbit. I’d not considered these issues related as I’d never used the customs CSS before so had no expectation on that front so my may focus was on the media gallery.

So as I was plotting the best way to back everything up and re-install from scratch, I thought that I’d use the updater build into WordPress to re-apply the latest build to my website. It was worth a shot, despite nobody instructing this action.

Thankfully the root cause looked to be a file or two that weren’t correctly updated with the automatic updates.