They seek him here

So I may have been bitten by the Euro Truck Simulator 2 bug. When you haven’t accidentally flipped the cab and trailer, the game is so relaxing and you get to experience interacting with other drivers from the comfort of your own home. mostly swearing. Of course the Map/road clearing has to be completed in preparation for the Going East DLC which is due to be released on the 20th of September opening up more of Europe for truckers.

You may have been aware that Trilobyte Games returned to the gaming scene with their 7th Guest title on iPad, but the better news is that there is to be a third instalment of their ground-breaking series. The game has been green-light on Steam but’s I’m not sure on release dates, you can read more over at their website or at social media locations.

After nearly 2 years of hunting for a theme that I don’t find repulsive, I believe that I’ve settled on Able. Thankfully it wasn’t lacking on features I new tend to expect and required no code alteration and minimal CSS changes.