Happy Birthday Torchlight 2

TL2 is celebrating it’s first birthday today, I have a great fondness for these games and have spent a huge number of hours enjoying adventuring through the worlds. If you haven’t played it the second game refines on the original with enhanced features and expansive and unique unlock tree for each class, plus a new class.

One of the biggest features that TL2 brought with it was multi-player functionality that was sorely missed in the first title. This much needed feature enables LAN and online games to take place without too much hassle, allowing groups of up to 8 persons to team up, however I hear that managing more than 6 is rather chaotic, which is fine as we are Chaotic Neutral here.

This games was opened up to integration and uses the community Workshop features in Steam combined with the games mod tool GUTS. Many of the add-ons have been rather good, but you have to be selective as installing and using a combination links to a unique save file, meaning that you must have that combo of features activated in order to play that game save again.
I have more adventuring to do in the game before I will be maxed out on the replay factor, so far my wife and I have playing through on our primary characters via the New Game Plus (NG+) system at least twice and we are fast approaching level 100.

Level 71 - Outlander & Engineer
Level 71 – Outlander & Engineer

Since the editor launch there hasn’t been much in the way of updates, I had hoped to have seen a little more content released, maybe for the anniversary. It would have to complement the end game and be level independent like the level-less enemies that existed City of Heroes. Thus being open to all players who were in that end game situation.