1 year later


A year ago today NCSoft pulled the plug on the first, biggest and best Hero/Villain themed MMO. I have had not dealing with NCSoft since then and aren’t likely to do so given their portfolio of games does nothing to interest me.

I look at the market offerings of current MMOS and the classes are mundane and pedestrian, all builds are the same, at level 2 you get this power, level 5 that power. Yes there are some exceptions that buck the trend,but these are few in number (TSW?).

If asked my goto Archtype in Villains was a Corruptor,  the mixture of the powersets always lead to some interesting gameplay. In order play every combination of just that one Archetype you would need over 100 characters, it was as diverse as they come.
This lead to your character feeling a little unique off the bat, but then the power selection and how you configured each power, granted further opportunities to craft a avatar that you had a hand in shaping. And of course what is a superhero/villain without a costume to match:

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A year may have past, and there are a number of players that have maybe found a gaming home elsewhere, some may have backed the Project Titan folks on kickstarter, many stay linked via the #SaveCoH hashtag on twitter.
I think we are all still longing to roam that virtual world again, to take in the music, the sounds of a city and it’s people, water lapping against the docks, listening out for the Cow while enjoying some skiing (hehe). These are small and silly things that were common place yet are held quite dear now.

Thanks to all those players that I still ponder about when I think back to Random TaskForces I was part of.
Thanks to the Titan Network for holding out as a bastion of all things CoH/V.
Thanks to the Community.