SOE: Wrap up

SOE Operation “Do what we like! No? Maybe this will make you happy? No luck!OK, now we are listening, how about this?”

The biggest problem that I have seen with the recent SOE Membership adventure has been the complete lack of details that then had to be drip fed to players over a number of days. Combine that with a complete lack of understanding of how the changes would be taken by players we find ourselves in familiar territory.

Thanks to Wilhelm for pointing out that Turbine require you to logon to claim points when you’re a lifetime member. And considering that other MMO games do this already it’s funny that it wasn’t the first choice.

Maybe it was all just a cleaver “bait and switch” in reverse, a “Scare and switch” if you will.

There have been some posts on this topic: Some great comments on this post. who also mentions the ProSiebenSat 1 hurdles that SOE kindly burdened EU players with. go look at the All Access elements. Syp proposes that Smedley comes off as a loose cannon, which is very easy to agree with.

Edit: I find that Rowans post over at IHTTS does a far better job of explaining the legal side of things that SOE managed to do, for me at least.

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