It’s a mystery

Playing The Secret World with a static group is a far better experience to delivery measured chunks of content to players. Well better than playing solo, and that isn’t to say you can’t solo it, just that the hive mind is often better at solutionizing and less likely to resort to searching Google for answers. Don’t get me wrong my original time in TSW was very fun, however it wasn’t long until the magic faded for many players and I was playing solo alot of the time. As the mobs got harder getting from A to B took longer and longer.
This started being a chore and ultimately I also left the game for digital pastures shiny.

The Secret World throws some utterly different curve balls at you in the form of investigation missions. Of course if you were to encounter these in a single player adventure title you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Yet in an MMO setting they truely stand out as a unique feature of the title, I have no doubt that this a side effect of having Ragnar Tørnquist as the game director.

Last night we ran a few “standard” missions as the group entered and started on Savage Coast content. I was awash with memories of the area and had a little smile knowing that I’ll get to see other people experience some of that great storytelling again. To finish the groups evening jaunt we undertook an Investigation mission that I just about remember from over a year ago, but I settled back into the story without too much hardship or spoiler for the rest of the group.

Maybe the modern day setting allows TSW the freedom to think outside the conventional MMO boundaries.
By using old/foreign languages, fake  corporation websites, asking “does anyone in your group have knowledge of Latin” or maybe basic knowledge of musical notation.
The strange part is you half feel that the game is not only testing you but also teaching you.