Plays [2014 wk4]

The Secret World

Funcom’s modern day MMO remains high in my playlist, not that I’m putting in a massive number of hours but my weekly play sessions are enjoyable and a good laugh.

This week we ran Polaris, but with many of the group still finding their feet with builds, weapons and talismans we didn’t manage to beat Ur-Draug this time around. There is always next time and besides we aren’t really in need of completing the dungeon at this time.


My recent playtime in the ESO beta has spurred on my quest to finish off  as much of Skyrim as possible. I have been progressing the main storylines and ponder getting the remaining DLC that I haven’t picked up yet.

Despite being just over 2 years old the game is just as fun as it was originally. Of course there are some modifications via the Steam Workshop that do help with some of the graphical limitations that the game inherited from it’s console legacy.

Planetside 2

After continual problems post patching, which seems to happen after each patch ( this is likely to get worse as SOE indicate an increased patching/release cycle), I have now unsubscribed from the game.

PS2 is a fun game in the right setting, normally when you overlook the imbalances and enjoy the social side of things. However this is a reflection on the players rather than the game itself.

Planetside 2 still feels like a game that is in beta, the patching that breaks the servers, the balancing that is swept under the carpet by altering something else (Biolab capture timers) rather than fixing the problems or maybe the developer in me sees that game still hasn’t achieved version 1.0 and that’s good enough a sign for me.