Ongoing adventures in TSW

“Our rag-tag group has continued has continued helping the folk of Solomon Island in their time of crisis, we have proceeded to an area marked in the tourist guides as ‘Blue Mountain’.
The area is less populated than the other areas of the New England coastline we have previously visited, excluding the Wabanaki tribe the other occupants of the zone all seem to part of bigger organisations like CDC, ONPSMI and Orochi. With each step we take the feeling of dread becomes almost palpable.” March 2014 – Journal of Illuminati Singyle Foxhues

I for one am enjoying the Blue Mountains alot more this time around, even as a healer, but alot of that can be put down to the fact that I soloed most of the content last time. The group seem to be settling on builds and powers they enjoy, plus as they apply Skill Points into talismans their survivability has increase, this means less heal spam is needed so I can also join in on the Foe Wailing.

The build system in TSW is wonderful and slightly annoying all at the same time. There are many that say Funcom should have allowed players to reset their Anima and Skill points towards the end of Solomon Island as finding your feet in the game can take alot of XP to learn what works best for you both in solo and group roles.

It’s taken a little while but I feel have got the balance right between Heal, Buff and Damage. We shall have to see how it holds up when the party moves to Egypt in the next few weeks, but some more dungeon runs before that leap is taken.