And Hell followed with him

After the previous weeks enforced solo quest, our weeks activities in Secret World should have been light-hearted and easy going.
Well until I had the bright idea of dragging the group to hell.

The second dungeon in The Secret World, takes the format the group learnt in the Polaris Dungeon and turns it up a notch, the bosses are tougher and more tricky.
The tactics for each of the 6 bosses varies as you have to deal with and overcome environmental hazards, special abilities, additional enemies waves.

This was only my 2nd time of running the Hell Rising Dungeon, the first time was not long after the game launched. I can happily say it’s as harrowing as I remembered.
And yet despite a few souls being lost we hobbled passed the finishing line with 2 healers chomping away at the last few thousand health, I can’t wait to run it again 🙂