An empty Battlefield

Despite the bug fixes that have been applied to Battlefield 4 the game still suffers a strange imbalance between the classes. Maps feels a little too big, the Time to Kill is quicker, the netcode looks to behave rather oddly at times with players making impossible shots, after playing 5 or so maps the game starts to lag and stutter and requires that the client be restarted.

The biggest problem we encounter is that fighting as a group/team/squad is nearly impossible to organise as auto-balancing, crashes and the seemingly absence of the functionality that existed historically to place players with the same tag in the same squad/side.

Combine that with the fact that the multiplayer serves a continuous stream of vehicles and aircraft all boils down in the pot to deliver a game that is far worse than any of the previous Battlefield games in my opinion.

New old stomping ground

I usually play PS2 weekly, either with the FRR group on Fridays or over the weekend, this is enough to sate my Auraxium cravings.However the reasons around BF4 listed above act as a catalyst in bringing my outfit back to the realm of PlanetSide 2.

Just at the right time it seems as SOE embark on another round of WTF changes. In the recent series of patches SOE have really focused on making non-subscribing members aware of the fact with an annoying popup that shows in game as a notification.

Thrown on top of that the fact that all members were given a double XP weekend, the gloves look to be off when it comes to targeting freemium players.

I was a paying member for a number of months and to be honest unless something changes in the business model there is no real incentive for me to pay a monthly subscription the benefit doesn’t match the cost, plus that subscription money will be going to pay for my TESO.


Not plumping for the pre-order gubbings to cut some cost off the game purchase but I’m really looking forward to immersing myself in the land of Tamriel. I played in the beta and it really did feel like a game I could enjoy, with it’s lack of nag screens and cash-shop sales.

As it officially launches tomorrow I’ve heard good stuff about the pre-access launch already, so finger crossed it’s gonna be a smooth ride.

One thought on “An empty Battlefield”

  1. My issue with BF4 is trying to go up against massively buffed vehicles. Given I haven’t put in the time like the folks inside those tanks and helos and jets, and there is a lot of skill behind the actual operating of them, but they mostly break the gameplay. There should be a huge balance of power vs defense in vehicles so that infantry stands a chance. As it is they can have it all, and that makes the game not fun for those not in a leveled up vehicles with all the damage and defense mods.

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