Raptr Rapture

Over the last few months I have found Raptr difficult to deal with, I haven’t been able to get Planetside 2 to work for months now, despite it not changing at all. I have tried all the usual trick and scans and manually selecting games, to no joy. Now that I’d playing Elder Scrolls Online the same thing is happening, only trying to add the game to Raptr list is hampered by the fact there are 2 entries in their definition file, both of which appear to be looking for a file that has part of the folder structure in it.

I, like many, use Raptr for 2 main purposes:

  • Firstly is the friends list, however that is mostly redundant with it mostly being a subset of my friends list on Steam
  • The second reason is to track the games that I play.

Historically I used XFire and GamerDNA to track my games and time played. I left each as the slowly became difficult or awkward to use.

The direction that Raptr has now taken is really not one that I am entirely comfortable with , this is a step beyond those taken in 2012.

  • The more you play the more Raptr points are gained, the system is focused on getting you to link your Facebook account or optimising games to earn more points
  • There is also an Optimisation function build into the Raptr Client to help optimize your game, something that I really don’t want,  but which unlike NVidia’s similar system is defaulted to ON, rather that opting you up to start with, so it starts scanning your games, hardware and configurations.

I think that it maybe time to build something to track my time myself, remove the annoying 3rd party side of this seemingly simple need of mine.