TESO:The new kid

The start of a new MMO is always an exciting time, from the moment that you jump into the character creator to handing in your first quest.

The perfect scenario is often ruin by “launch day problems”, but in many cases the problem isn’t due to the launch at all, frequently it’s implementation of limiting systems such as server bound characters. I recall the first day in Rift where after spending a good 20 minutes in character creation I was then placed in a queue and told that I could login in an estimated 8 hours.

Ultimately this is a bad experience for the players, many of whom have bought into the hype of the new MMO for the past 6 to 18 months. In the above example you had the early-birds who managed to get onto the server that had been previously agreed as the Guild home, while the remainder have to either not play or logon to a different server.

Singyle FoxhuesThankfully Zenimax haven’t made that same mistake with The Elder Scrolls Online, the “MegaServer” and use of multiple zone instancing means:

  • no queues to get into the game you just bought
  • areas feel populated but not swamped with player characters,
  • players can “Meet up” with each other without too much hassle ( a feature in Secret World I find rather good)

The launch has been smooth at least for me, the world is nicely detailed and the graphics fit the game well. At the early levels there are a few choices for your skills, which makes your build feel less cookie cutter which I’m greatful for.

Yes it’s another Fantasy MMO, but 2 things make it work better for me, the game has a lot of lore and history to reference, as a result the world is detailed in ways that other games can only hope to achieve, secondly not one drop of cash shoppage, which to be frank is a big part of my motivation for playing and subscribing to this game.

Who knows if a subscription game will be a viable model in this whale hunter freemium climate, I’m willing to give my money to thoses trying (excluding NCSoft of course).

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