A Week in meh

After my brief weekend adventures in TESO last weekend I was pretty much bedridden for the rest of last week with an infection. Thankfully my antibiotics kicked in quick enough for me to enjoy some of the World of Tanks 3rd Anniversary content.

Aside from the 5 times XP for first victory, one of the biggest bonuses for me was the half price consumables that I tend to use on each vehicle, so I picked up 100 repairs, medkit & extinguishers. Which I think will save me some money over future matches and make saving for some bigger purchases in tier 7.

This weekend Rachy and I have been running a sorcerer duo in Elder Scrolls Online, which initially could have been a little unpowered on the melee front but the powersets are design to have some survivablility with stuns, snares & knockbacks/downs. The weapons powers are rather cool as they alter functionality depending on the type of attack damage that a staff is focused on. This allows similar characters to have a different feel and approach depending on the tactics that work well for you.

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