Why I support NBI 2014

Every time I write NBI I get Nativity in Black suck in my head, stupid dyslexia.

This is a post about the Newbie Blogger Initiative for 2014, many of the people that visit my blog are likely to be aware of this but it’s worth a quick post for anyone that isn’t.

The NBI is it’s 3rd iteration seeking to encourage and support gamers who want to blog about their pastime. The aim is to provide support, mentoring and helpful posts from existing bloggers.

Newbie Blogger InitiativeStarting a new blog is an experience that I haven’t done myself for some time as this blog changed from a static HTML site into a blog.
I’d never claim to be a fantastic blogger mostly as I get distracted easily “oh look wrestling”, but I tend to write to document my adventures in life, of which gaming a huge part.

The Newbie Blogger Initiative is something that I would have loved when I started blogging. The resource of knowledge provided by other bloggers helps to give motivation,  guides on how to develop your content, writing tips and interacting on social media.

The 2014 initiative is due to start on the 1st of May, if you want a sign up as a new blogger or maybe help as a mentor head on over to the website http://www.newbiebloggerinitiative.com

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