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Ahh the sirenic call of World of Tanks pulls me back to the fast paced match based gameplay once again. To be fair I enjoy World of Tanks and they recent celebrated their 3rd Anniversary since launch, I have played the game since early beta and the urge to play comes in six monthly waves.

The free to play model doesn’t really bother me too much in the game, if you initially aim to plough through the game to reach top level then you will need all the XP boosts and bonus you can get, but “enjoying” the game seems to distract from the grind quite a bit. That said I also signed up on to shoot things with the How To Murder Time crew in War Thunder. The War Thunder franchise is directly competing for the same target audience and the World Of games.

Historically Wargaming.Net said the 3 titles games could be linked in a certain game mode in that outcomes of one warplanes match could allow for a strategic advantage in a Tank battle, but that is as close as the games will come to interacting in the same environment. However Warthunder is aiming to offer a game mode option that will offer the same environment for all players and vehicles types.

Maybe this will give them the edge in the ratings.

Worf Under

warthunder_logoThe WarThunder (Plane) game is rather fun and felt alot more fluid than when I tried out the World of Warplanes game. The Missions are fun and it’s easy to get distracted with taking down an enemy rather than the objective, and you can easily loose a match that way.

I haven’t bought any in game money yet and I may never do so, however on visiting the page to buy the in game currency “Golden Eagles” there is a distinct lack of what currency you can purchase them in, so I’m just going to assume that it’s grams of beetroot for arguments sake. Just need to find a way of sending it over the interwebs.

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