Blogging with WordPress

Since migrating my blog to WordPress I haven’t regretted the decision. Mine of course is a hosted blog rather then using a free or hosted one over at

The good thing is much of the process is now automated, updates automatically install, of if you rather it will prompt you to update. In the old days when you needed to download the update, migrate the files to the server using FTP and hope that nothing broke in the process.

Via the application

The editor in WordPress is very good, infact compared to many editors it’s leaps ahead. Editing a new post is usually a straight forward process and you can adjust the editing box size as needed.

Another option that has been introduced is the “Distraction free writing” mode that removes all the surrounding menus and options to help you focus on the writing. If you combine this with the feature that many Browser have now to enter full screen mode, you can make it truly distraction free. (For Windows machine F11, For Macs fn+ F11).

3rd Party blogging tools

There aren’t that many 3rd party clients that are maintained nowadays. Following advice from CopperBird during the original Newbie Blogger Initiative, I downloaded and installed Microsoft’s Live Writer software. If you want to give this a try you can get it here, you can just install the Live Writer element of the install by selecting custom install and unchecked the other elements.

The software is simple and handles most of the functionality I need,  you are able to upload drafts or publish straight to your blog if you’d rather. It’s quite a useful tool if you don’t want to to have to be online as drafts are saved locally, useful if you are on a laptop with no internet connection.

Android App

The WordPress App is rather helpful, I tend to use the one on my phone for jotting down ideas and on occasion hitting publish on a pre-written post. I also use the application on my Nexus where I tend to write up drafts of new posts. Of course most of the spelling and writing issues may stem from how well you and your auto-correct get on, or if you are on a bus.

Now I shall share with you a few words of warning on using the mobile application (At least Android) as there are a few bugbears that I feel I should tell you about:

  1. The default status for a new post is Published, so if you upload it to your Blog it will be published immediately, alter this in post settings (cog symbol)
  2. It’s not initially clear how the saving and updating posts works, if you exit a post and it prompts to save with a Yes, No & Discard box this will save locally to your device, you instead need to hit the send button to upload it to the server (Remember about the draft status if you do)
  3. On the setting for each post it stored the date and time, this can often get set to the last edit date and time, if you go into the settings and press immediately this will not set the fields until you publish
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