In the next week we see the launch of a second subscription based MMO in 2014. There are many bloggers (IHTTS, BioBreak, Jaedia ) talking about it and some lamenting how they plan on filling the time before the launch date.
Good luck to the title and everyone planning on playing it. Sadly there are 3 things holding me back from boarding the Wildstar train.

The first and biggest reason is the graphical style, I think that will suffer the same problems I had in WoW with being unable to immerse myself in the game world. Not that I’m wanting an ultra-realistic MMO to arrive, but the softer design style isn’t something that makes me want to rush out and buy the game.

Secondly I have really been enjoying Elder Scrolls Online and feel that I’d going to be my spiritual digital home for some time. I’m consuming the content at a good pace, currently around 27 and finishing off missions and exploring in StormHaven. Plus 2 subscriptions a month hasn’t really been in my gaming budget for almost 7 years.

Finally, I try not to care about who the publishers are but I have to face the facts that my opinion of NCSoft is somewhat jaded.


2 thoughts on “Wildstart”

  1. That is very cool that you have found an MMO you feel that at home in! For me, that is Guild Wars 2, and as that doesn’t have a subscription, I’m free to give other games a go as well. But I will never say never. Maybe WildStar, ArcheAge, EverQuest Next, or some other future MMO will grab me. I shall try them and see! 🙂

    1. Not felt truly at home in an MMO since City Of Villains, comfortable in TESO at the moment so I hope it lasts.

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