TESO update – June 4th

The recent accounement “The Road Ahead – June 4th” highlights all the ongoing changes includinge maintenance patch changes, Large updates and future updates. The full post can be found here.
First up are changes being rolled out as part of the usual maintenance patching which is focusing on balancing the Nightblade and Dragonknight classes, they are trying not to nerf or overpower the classes and altering the abilities in small increments.

The second update (2) is due to drop towards the tail end of June and brings with it some requested features like

  • a field of view slider, that I know will make some people happy
  • Also in this update will be the ability to pickup weapons and armour that you find in the world
  • Instances will indicate the type of instance you are about to enter when at the door (Solo, Group)
  • New daily PVP quests for kill enenmy classes

I’m not going to list them all here as there are quite a lot, my favourites are

“Fixed an issue where reflected projectiles would sometimes create a mirror image of themselves that did no damage.”


“Skeevers are no longer invisible while in their idle animation.”

You can read all the notes here http://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/discussion/106452/pts-patch-notes-v1-2-0

The Longer-Term updates tells us “Further, we’re going to allow dungeons to level to the group leader.” I wasn’t alone in remarking on the lack of such functionality at launch and this level adjustment functionality will hopefully be the first in the mentoring area.

Plus armour dyes!

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