Steaming ahead with TESO

Well Elder Scrolls Online Has finally drifted on to Valves digital platform.
The standard game has 50% off this weekend so if you have been on the fence about picking up a copy now is your chance.

Of course it’s fair to remind folks that it is a subscription game and does require you to enter your preferred payment option on sign up, which you can then remove straight afterwards. This won’t be a surprise to older MMO gamers who had to do this for every game and in some instances just to download the 2 week trial. I laugh as many of the Steam reviewers are voting the game down for this practice they don’t understand.

As for my TESO adventures, my wife and I have completed the initial 50 levels and we are finishing up the main quest stories in order to unlock the other areas to play through in veteran ranks. I’ve really enjoyed the quests and for me the game has never felt grindy nor has it felt really easy.
My advice is to pace yourself and enjoy the wonderful content, the “levels” will blur into the background.

I have recently started a new healer that I hope to use mostly for PvP which we tend to do on Monday evenings.

Other than that I’m still feeling happy with the game and the content, the Fixes and Patching are still coming thick and fast from Zenimax with no signs of slowing, looking forward to getting my teeth into the end game content and beyond.

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  1. It never fails that the good sales come when I’m low on funds. I’d gladly pay the half-price cost to get a month’s enjoyment (or at the very least the opportunity to try the game). Thankfully we know it will go on sale again, especially with it now being on Steam.

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