Fiddling with filters

Since reaching level 50 and completing the main story quest I’m been taking a little away from questing in Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve used the opportunity to take a quite a few screenshots in the areas I’ve completed recently I wondered about adding effects to the images to see what I could produce.

There are a number of applications out there for image manipulation but I decided to use one I was already familiar with, as I have it installed on my phone. It’s one of 3 apps from Autodesk and is called Pixlr-o-matic , you can use it online or it’s also available as a download using Adobe Air.

Here are the results

I have to say I do like the way the lighting is altered in each, it makes effect 3 and 4 almost feel like drawings/artwork.

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2 thoughts on “Fiddling with filters”

  1. I loooove filters, they make screenshots pop and look so nice. I actually love all the options here. I use photoshop tho, I don’t know wich is better ? Maybe I should look into t his.

    1. Yea I have some bigger software for images but I fancied trying something lighter / quicker especially as I wanted do a few in one sitting.

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